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Sioux's Books

Sioux Rose is a U.S. astrologer with 30 years of experience and author, who spends much of her time now living in Florida. Sioux has written several books on astrology.

Her dream is to transform an allegory of the Zodiac into an animated film for youngsters that would offer a model beyond one-size-fits-all and those dangerous “ism” divisions that threaten to tear our world asunder. Ms. Rose is committed to raising consciousness, and utilizes the time tested transcendental lens of astrology to lift minds above the current morass, and its myopic self-limited context. She has also designed a guided journal for women based on the lunar cycle. This revolutionary work, Moondancing: Charting the Female Side of Time will be self-published on iUniverse in 2004.

Timeless Trends: Through the Astrologer's Lens - 142 Pages

Across a panoply of cable TV programs, not one shares the stellar perspective that the educated astrologer can offer. That's why I penned essays that apply the "As above, so below" equation to current events and matters of crucial concern. Timeless Trends Through the Astrologer's Lens looks at: basic life cycles, the cosmic chemistry that makes for ties that bind, astrology's influence over history and naturally occurring political antipathies, and how karma operates in our birth charts.

This book is a compendium of Sioux Rose's best essays. As the worst remnants of history recur… a higher view of the human condition is needed to lift mankind out of its morass. Since no problem can be solved from the level of thinking that engendered it, humanity must raise its collective awareness. Astrology's timeless map paves the way.

Sioux Rose's Astrology columns have been regularly featured in magazines, newspapers, and on-line journals. From The San Juan Star and Caribbean Business to celestial predictions penned for In-flight magazines, Sioux went on to make a cosmic splash in Key West writing for Solares Hill, Entertainment, Key West, and The Key West Citizen. Landing a gig with prestigious Lear's Magazine, Sioux's Celestial Fine-tuning column ran for 5 years. Current columns are translated into Spanish for Puerto Rico's Imagen and Buena Vida Magazines. Sioux continues to write on.

Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time - 298 Pages

Do you feel the same way everyday? Do you suppose you are intended to? Women are tied to the moon, not only biologically--through their monthly menses, but also on the deepest, innermost planes. During the course of each and every month the moon moves from sign to sign. She inwardly draws women along for a virtual journey that's primarily experienced through dynamic mood changes. The moon acts as medium and essentially rouses the essences of the Zodiac sign fields. Each one is endowed with specific character and represents one of the sacred original archetypes, those same twelve referred to by Jesus (as disciples), and Abraham (as the founded tribes).

Learning what these archetypes rouse in you presents an adventure in self-discovery. In addition, recognizing the themes embedded into time will enhance your understanding of yourself and others. And since the moon's cycles can be plotted, you gain a powerful strategy derived from knowing when to plan activities that are consistent with each of the twelve phases of time.

Moon Dance is designed for those with astrological knowledge. And equally serves those ready to consciously come into synch with the rhythmic structure of time. In my view this constitutes a uniquely feminine invitation, one that draws back the veil cast centuries ago over our sentience. Every female was born to Moon Dance. The biological facts of destiny make that so. The question is whether the process is to be made conscious, or otherwise left unconscious. The result? Far too many women compelled to seek out pharmaceutical mood adjusters (a/k/a anti-depressant drugs).

Drawing upon astrology, Jungian archetypes, and ancient mythology Moon Dance acquaints readers with those timeless qualities that inform and color the human experience. The personae cast 'round the dial of time are both timeless and contemporary; plus their attributes are our own. The moon activates and amplifies our feelings. Symbol for the Divine feminine and counterpart to the sun, her powers have been marginalized for too long. The masculine orientation, more comfortable with cold logic, has held the reins to direct humanity's shared vessel for centuries. And the result has led to an emphasis on war, competition, and violent "solutions." Women awakened to their inner power, a process that involves reclaiming those feelings suppressed by society, can do much to return our world to a state of balance. Moon Dance reveals the dynamic nature of time as experienced on the inside. Its cues have moved women since the dawn of Creation. It is the dance that never passes out of fashion. I now invite you to step in and discover the music of spheres and how these sway you from a sacred place deep within.

Available from www.Iuniverse.com

Every Woman's Guide to Oracles - 281 Pages

Every Woman's Guide to Oracles is a comprehensive guide designed to familiarize readers with a number of fascinating Divination systems. You will learn the meanings of the Tarot cards, the dynamics of Astrology, and what is in a name… Numerology wise. You will also be introduced to the Runes, Cartouche, The Medicine Cards, and the way to design your own Oracle for guidance in a flash! Life will always hold mystery; and that makes magic possible. However, Illumination Happens! So let your lamp be lit!

The Star That You Are - 296 Pages

The Star That You Are is the cure for uniformity, standardized testing, and cultural models based on the fiction that one size fits all. There is a Divine reason why Abraham founded 12 tribes and Jesus Chose 12 disciples. The ancient Zodiac, a blueprint for humanity's evolution is comprised of 12 archetypal expressions. They're known as the Zodiac signs. In this volume you will learn what distinguishes you from other family members. You will also discover useful insights in a compatibility guide that explains how your sign relates to every other sign. Further advice is offered on which careers resonate best along with a wide array of stellar guidance picked up by the author along her 40-year star-lit path. Shine on!

Dolphinity - 496 Pages

Dolphinity traces the lives of twins separated at birth. The journey that leads to their eventual reunification serves as a metaphor for our times. It speaks of a vast parallel process that is calling the broken facets of our world back into unison. Daniel, the male twin, grows up in the Florida Keys where a boating accident has him taken for lost at sea. Miraculously, a pod of dolphins finds him and makes use of an ancient power bestowed upon them by the priests of Atlantis. His form is genetically transformed into that of a dolphin. As he journeys with his aquatic companions, Daniel witnesses the growing devastation of the world's sea environs. Forty years transpire before twin sister Jennifer faces a major health challenge that leads her to the Florida Keys. When she happens upon the zone where her brother resides, the astute dolphins use her genetic template to turn Daniel back into human form. And then the work of The Great Healing gets underway. This adventure is one that all conscious souls residing upon the Earth now share. I invite you to learn more, as Dolphinity provides a number of compelling keys.  

Cassandra's Tale: Invitation to the Circle - 162 Pages
For all ages

Precocious Cassandra, a curious young lady of eleven, spends summer vacation at the home of her grandfather, Professor Erroneous Macaronius. She must keep busy while he pursues his all-important laboratory research. For his is a quest to discover the world's most efficient, reliable pesticide! During free intervals Cassandra succumbs to curiosity and roams about his large, North Florida property. And who, strangely enough, would emerge to act as her guide and companion, but the professor's pet parrot, Ezekiel. And he is no ordinary bird. Quite the contrary. Ezekiel has seen the wheel, in addition to a great many other things; and he makes it his mission to acquaint the professor's granddaughter with the intimate world of the twelve rays. Each one is an insect; and they happen to depict the qualities drawn from time's great circle. That is, these little beings, the twelve rays, personify qualities drawn from the Zodiac's twelve signs. Plus they introduce these characteristics with marked humor.

To prove worthy of attending Queen Buzz-bee's ball, Cassandra must past tests that demonstrate her mastery of the four foundation elements. The young student proves proficient at this elemental task. Then fate conspires by keeping grandfather distracted. Research colleagues are expected to compare test results on the very night of the much-esteemed event! Ezekiel guides Cassandra to the field where she encounters all twelve rays. It's quite intriguing to observe their last minute preparations as the tiny beings await the opening signal for the talent show sponsored by the Queen. Like Gulliver caught in Lilliput, Cassandra finds herself maneuvering within a world of small beings. Unfortunately a storm breaks up the festivities while also managing to rouse Macaronius from his collaborative findings. He and fellow scientists feel impressed upon to search for Cassandra and the missing bird in the storm.

There is no way to explain to Grandfather the nature of what she's been up to. Cassandra's experiences do not conform to his scientific assumptions about the world and its workings; nor would he appreciate what she'd learned from the 12 rays. Silence, with the aid of a clever plan, saves the day. Cassandra challenges the professor to a small garden experiment. While the professor's cultivated portion can be laced with pesticides, Cassandra determines to grow her patch "au natural." The insect friends provide unseen assistance, and the relative growth of her harvest exceeds that of the professor's! Stunned, Grandfather Macaronius begins to study a more organic approach to not only gardening, but his general understanding of the natural world.

Reluctantly Cassandra must leave when her parents return to collect her. But Ezekiel gifts her with a priceless, timeless understanding. Its truths convey to all readers, young and old.

Cassandra's Tale functions as an astrological allegory that familiarizes readers with the twelve basic archetypes of time. One size does not fit all, nor was it ever intended to!

Available from www.Iuniverse.com and www.Xlibris.com

Neptune and The Final Phase of the Piscean Age - 229 Pages

This text, second in an intended astrological series, functions as two books in one. An "astrologer's desk reference," it delineates Neptune's conjunctions with all planets from the birth chart. And like the previous volume, it examines these "fusion zones" based on the signs in which the pairings occur. Nebulous aspects of human nature can be attributed to Neptune; yet lent specifics by virtue of the nature of these conjunctions. A profound and mysterious influence, Neptune's qualities are difficult to pin down. However, Sioux Rose offers a compelling analysis of Neptune's myriad functions as it conjoins other planets in each of the twelve Zodiac signs.

Secondly, as the ruling planet of that 2200-year phase known as a great age, the likes of which mankind is currently completing, Neptune now plays a pivotal role in world events. On celestial planes a "changing of the guard" is underway, and it's being presented through what's known as a mutual reception. This phenomenon occurs when two planets occupy each other's signs. Neptune, ruler of the Piscean Age, (the sign passing out of dominion) is crossing Aquarius, while Uranus (governor of Aquarius, the sign preparing to acquire the cosmic spotlight) crosses Pisces. Neptune's orbit is 165 years while Uranus' is 84; so the pair will only pass through each other's signs at rare intervals. And that is the case presently.

Neptune, referred to as the planet of deception, places a shadow over mundane events. Perhaps this explains why so many truths and long-established laws are being twisted to protect numerous trespasses and trespassers. While technology has developed exponentially, war continues to waste far too many human and natural resources. Conflicts (at least tangentially related to oil-acquisition) rage, while precious time is wasted by not investing more fervently in renewable energy sources and technologies. Mankind can ill afford the illusions its collective consciousness has been held hostage to for millennia. Uranus, champion of Truth, will assume the heavenly throne once more citizens awake from the dream-state cast by Neptune across the span of The Piscean Age. A vast transition is presently underway; and as tends to be the case with each Age phase transition, much that had been taken for solid and real will pass away. New promises, practices, possibilities, and inventions will arise. However the transition phase is neither easy nor painless.

Available from www.Iuniverse.com

Evolving Toward Eden: The Divine Promise Restored - 178 Pages
(Originally entitled: 2020-After The Transition)

In this largely channeled work, intimations of a powerful transition causing a complete restructuring of society act as underlying leit-motif. Each chapter came to me as a vision and lent descriptive qualities to specific components of a new global society.

Evolving Toward Eden peers into the everyday lives of persons who have learned to live in harmony in a 2020 (A.D.) world. Readers observe an educational system that utilizes a biofeedback hybrid that animates the user's thoughts onto the screen. This facilitates in students a capacity to monitor their thought processes. Viable outcomes are virtually experienced so that youngsters can select which probable realities they wish to manifest. It's the third millennium's adaptation of the esoteric premise, "Know thyself." Near to the learning matrix is The Agricultural Matrix Pod where nearly lost ecosystems are being successfully "grafted" back onto the body of Mother Earth.

A unique "coming of age" model is offered at Wonderland Pod. Instructors make use of The Great Temple Pod to reciprocally replenish themselves. Most citizens reside in pod-communities where they collectively put shared skills to use. In addition they work collectively to develop mutual interests. No longer do persons pursue long labors to procure basic salaries. Instead, The Universal Time-Bank Exchange logs hours of service as a basis for currency. Besides, a great many goods can be gotten at Recyclatoriums. And health care has advanced to the stage where it foremost treats the individual's light body; and thus facilitates optimum functioning at all levels of well-being.

The story centers upon a greatly-anticipated event that will include celebrations around the world. The Celluloid Chronology, a novel entertainment feature that operates like a movie projected onto the sky, will be one of its features. This item, presented by the Photo-genesis Pod, represents a communal walk down the historical memory lane. Utilizing diverse media imagery it vividly replays the most engaging and riveting events that led up to "the transition." World citizens having passed through The Transition have, as a result, arrived at a state of shared celebration for life. The Great Solstice Event represents their collective acknowledgement of the leaps that mankind has taken in overcoming its darkest impulses and previous programming.

Evolving Toward Eden represents the kind of world-society I'd like to live in. Perhaps you would, too? I cordially invite you to virtually join me. 2020 is not that far away!

Available from www.Iuniverse.com

To See Among The Blind

Exotic, by all standards, Qunda, a bi-racial Yoga teacher, manages to barely escape a sudden California earthquake. Driving far from the wreckage, her car runs out of gas in the remote Arizona desert. There she is drawn to a mysterious stone circle where she encounters the protector spirits of the land. Barely visible, they advise that due to severe climate change a path of escape has been energetically prepared. It's open to those who have learned to merge with their inner light bodies. Such persons are capable of moving across its bandwidth intact. Qunda proves so proficient at this skill that she is offered a powerful mission: that of serving as an inter-dimensional recruiter. It becomes her task to return to earth for periodic missions in search of persons of sufficient "radiance." They will be offered a covert invitation to join the "New Eden Colony." She is given a pair of glasses that enables her to read the colors emanating from each candidate's aura. Through this diagnostic tool she can recognize which souls are evolved enough to move through the bandwidth to the parallel world, earth's less dense etheric double. There a growing colony of evolved and evolving human beings has begun to thrive.

On one of her reconnaissance missions Qunda is essentially abducted. Linked to the disappearance of the grandson of a prominent corporate C.E.O, her eventual trial puts the deteriorating conditions of modern life before the judge for his sage-like review. The verdict is surprising. And while written to rival Tim Le Haye's version of End Times, To See Among the Blind promises a more auspicious fate for mankind, one sure to satisfy the hearts of true romantics

Available from www.Xlibris.com

The Caretakers

Suppose the ancient seers could peer into "a well of time" and recognize those dangers that 21st century citizens would face? Given the magnitude of their prophetic discoveries, genuine spiritual adepts might commit to a vow: that of returning to modern times and endeavoring to do all they could to offset the probability of seeing their dark visions manifest.

The Caretakers begins as Druid Monks gather 'round Stonehenge at the dawn of an earlier millennium. Gifted inituitives, a few share startling visions of the future. Then the story fast-forwards to that same sacred piece of earth where, given the nature of the roaring l960's, a motley assortment of youth is camped out just outside of Stonehenge. These young people have something telling in common: most are studying medicine and/or biogenetic research.

As time passes, several of the youngsters who initially met at Stonehenge find themselves called to participate in a secret global research project. Its goal? To clone the first human being; nor is it just any human being that will do. A clandestine board has met and made its determination. In consensus it elects that individual with a proven track record who has demonstrated a commitment to the greater good in a lifetime of altruistic achievements. The Caretakers pursues the unfolding evolution of this covert clone project. Nor does everything go smoothly or according to plan. A number of surreptitious mishaps occur; plus the identity of one clone becomes suspiciously compromised. When he learns of his "origins" he raises powerful questions, ones pertinent to the new scientific frontier that has crossed into the nether regions where science merges with sci-fi.

Available from www.Xlibris.com

The Alchemy of Fusion: Planetary Pairings in Signs (Pluto/Volume I)

First in a three-book series, this volume provides in-depth descriptions and analyses for Pluto's interactions with all planets found in the natal chart. While a number of existing astrological texts describe Pluto's conjunctions with these planets, The Alchemy of Fusion takes the next step. It describes the unique nature of each merger based on the sign(s) in which the pairing(s) occurs. These "fusion" zones function as foci, "alchemized" arenas that call for transformation, as in keeping with Pluto's mandated mission.

Secondly, since Pluto remains in a given sign for more than a decade, its influence impacts each generation in a specific manner. From a psychological perspective, the knowledge of Pluto's positions can deepen one's understanding of the powerful framework (and its attendant lessons) that impacts each successive generation.

And lastly, this concise volume offers predictions pertinent to humanity's evolving lesson plan up to and including the year 2025. Events from history have been included to demonstrate how Pluto's impacts have factored into cycles of breakdown and reciprocal rebuilding. Pluto earns its reputation as the Zodiac's Phoenix as I hope to have demonstrated in this book.

Available from www.astrologers.com - The American Federation of Astrologers

STARMATES: co-authored with Zolar

In this volume, published by Simon & Shuster in 1989, I delineated the nature of all close contacts (i.e. conjunctions) between the Zodiac's love stars, Venus and Mars. Since each one can occupy any of twelve sign-positions, a total of 144 combinations result. I also explained how these complementary planetary personae interact within the individual's birth chart. To truly understand the nature of one's relationships the relative positions of Venus and Mars, along with those of sun and moon must be analyzed. Secondary themes emerge from interactions with the karmic heavyweight Saturn, along with the placement of the nodes of the moon, added to retrograde influences. Analysis of these in-depth factors goes beyond the purview of Starmates, but should be kept in mind by serious students of astrology.

As my two daughters came of age they frequently referred to Starmates; and while critical of many aspects of my work, they were astounded by the evident accuracy of these romantic assessments. I often turn back to these pages to be reminded of the key lessons brought to life in any current intimate bond.

(Although out of print, copies can be found at Amazon.com)


Saturn: Why Conservative Cycles Historically Recur

This last volume in my planned astrological series is currently under development. I hope to have it ready for publication in 2011. (Dell Horoscope magazine published an annotated version of this material in 2004.)

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