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Sioux is currently residing in the Southeastern region of the United States. To make an appointment, please e-mail Sioux directly.

All session are taped. Contact Sioux with any further questions.


Sioux Rose's Astrological Services

Sioux Rose is a U.S. astrologer with 30 years of experience. She maintains a devoted clientele in both the United States and Latin America. She began her career with a horoscope column published each week in Puerto Rico’s Caribbean Business Newspaper. In 1986 Ms. Rose relocated from Puerto Rico to Florida. When she is not working on one of her books or traveling, she can be contacted to do astrological readings.

Sioux Rose can do readings for you in person or long distance. In either case, she will tape her hour session, sometimes ending with a tarot reading or some numerology. Please contact her if you have questions and want to explore the following life themes:

  • Understand your natal chart
  • Career guidance
  • Yearly transit profile
  • Relocation services
  • Relationship compatibility
  • Career issues

She is an extremely accurate astrologer. Her sessions usually last one hour and in that time she will carefully explain planetary influences of the various aspects of your life. If time allows, she will also do tarot reading and some numerology.

Sioux prefers to do most readings during the day but for people with an inflexible work schedule, she is willing to do evening or weekend readings.

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