February 2017 Horoscope
Author: Sioux Rose


The sun now makes its annual transit of Aquarius to infuse your sociable 11th house with energy. Yet Venus, love star and governor of The Pleasure Principle occupies your reclusive 12th house. Translation? Part of you would like nothing more than to enjoy some solo time for yourself while another part feels called into the convivial whirl of things. Your ruling planet Mars makes its first visit to Aries in 2 years. Since Aries is the sign of spring and Mars its cosmic catalyst, significant new beginnings now begin to make themselves felt. You could prove the active agent of change by setting out for a new location, job, relationship, or independent project. Otherwise, you may find yourself swept up in fate’s flow.  It will take time to adapt. Ultimately shift works best when there’s a match between what’s on the inside—what defines your consciousness, and what’s happening outside. The sun will advance to Pisces on the 19th to usher in the month intended for you to dream, reflect on your life, and discover ways to replenish your inner spirit. It’s low solar tide even though Mars, operating like a typical army sergeant may command you to surge into battle. If the time isn’t right, you’ll defeat yourself by expending unnecessary energy. Why face challenges when you can least afford to do so? Some battles are won by avoiding them, altogether. This is where wisdom comes into play to counteract raw impulses.


February directs the Aquarian Sun to spotlight your 10th house. This zone represents your chart’s professional peak sector. From this high position, the sun compels you to show excellence in your work--whatever it is. Currently you can stand out by demonstrating your abilities to an authority figure or power broker. You’re also now more attuned to your personal goals and ambitions. Don’t underplay the value of reflection since your ruler Venus now lures you inward for a timely encounter with your inner spirit. Creativity requires room to grow. That means you have to find ways to place aside the incessant demands of the mundane world. Energy principle Mars is now crossing Aries; and that places the planet of new beginnings into your house of reflection, retreat, and waiting. What Aries promises in the way of new growth must first take root inside your soul. Envision what you wish to see for yourself. That effort is the metaphysical equivalent of planting a seed. The sun will advance to Pisces, sign of dreams, introspection, and solitude on the 19th. Were you to lunge forward before it was the right time to do so, you’d find that resources intended to support your venture would not exist or might fall into short supply. Events that arise from February 21-27 could well demarcate decisions or choices that will carry long-term karmic implications.


Gemini is known for its quick-wittedness. Your ruling planet Mercury completes its orbit around the sun in a mere 88 days! Naturally, you react quickly to the immediacy of events. Like a chameleon, you also change your anima to suit your surroundings. This month the Aquarian sun lights up your 9th house. It’s the chart sphere designed to broaden your thought process. The 9th house ties in with philosophy, religion, academic matters, legal events, and global travels. Consider February your official month to raise your consciousness. It’s time to grasp the bigger picture. Serious studies or travel may factor into the process. Mercury will cross 3 different signs this month so expect to be very busy and likely juggling several diverse projects at once. Both love stars, Venus and Mars will spend time in the fiery realm of Aries. That means they’ll heat up your sociable 11th house. Either you and your significant other make the scene together; or if you’re solo, you just might cross paths with a special someone at a social event. Leo’s full moon provides just the right romantic ambiance on the 11th. All signs are celestially scheduled to face challenges from February 21-26. If you know and trust yourself, you’ll pick the wisest options.


Essentially, the Zodiac delivers a Divinely- designed curriculum. Cancer takes its nature from the crab and is symbolically prone to attachments. To the contrary, the Zodiac sign of Aquarius champions detachment, and it’s currently in its time of dominion. Aquarius governs your 8th house. Essentially, this chart sector governs all forms of sharing. These include financial agreements: mutual funds, pensions, child support, taxes, inheritance, and profits drawn from business partnerships. The 8th house also relates to intimacy and how you share yourself sexually. The Aquarian sun currently energizes these issues and likely has your attention pivoted on financial obligations and agreements. It’s wise to show altruism in where you invest money or those persons and causes you support. The full moon occurs in Leo, the sign of love (and an open heart) on the 11th. It’s timely to make a show of love through financial support. Love Stars Venus and Mars both visit the fiery, impulsive realm of Aries. Joining forces in your chart’s professional sector, either romance finds you at the workplace or you could find yourself negotiating a close encounter with someone on the job. The cosmic mood will shift when the sun enters Pisces on the 19th. There, it will activate a more philosophical side of your persona and compel you to look further and deeper for knowledge and answers to your own life’s mysteries.


The sun’s visit to Aquarius energizes your 7th house of partnership. Encounters become more intense and energetically charged. The best analogy for the current dynamic is that of a tennis game. You feel more alive due encounters with those on the other side of the “net.” Events help you to clarify the state of your heart (and where your passions lie) when the year’s only full moon in Leo takes hold on the 11th. Love stars Venus and Mars send fiery favor your way from the compatible sign kingdom of Aries. The pair currently crosses through your 9th house of travels. Many lions will find that love is met far from home. Otherwise, a romantic suitor may provide the incentive to travel to a distant zone. The 9th house also excites the search for meaning. It’s the Zodiac sector that prizes academic research, spiritual study, religious ritual, law, and philosophy. The cosmic mood dynamically shifts when the sun advances to watery Pisces on the 19th. This complex passage draws Leos inward. Be advised that water signs dilute logic. And since Pisces governs your 8th house of joint finance, you must pay careful attention to all monetary interactions and double-check any documents that you sign. Pisces’ depiction of two fish reminds that things are not always what they appear to be. You’re most vulnerable to mistakes or someone else’s predatory practices from February 21-27.


The sun’s February visit to Aquarius enlivens your 6th house. It’s the chart sector associated with health. That includes all the ways that we heal. It’s a strategic time for you to focus on ways to improve your diet and lifestyle. That way you sustain already good health or otherwise improve upon whatever is at risk or ailing you. The 6th house also pertains to pets, and Virgos tend to be natural animal whisperers. The 6th house directly connects with the work that you perform. Aquarius happens to be the most inventive sign on the cosmic dial so its penchant for innovation guides (or should I say inspires) the way you go about fulfilling your tasks and managing operations. Leo’s full moon on the 11th will trigger some soul-searching. Both love stars, Venus and Mars now cross the fiery domain of Aries where they heat up your 8th house. Although Aries represents spring and new beginnings, the 8th house ties in with endings that eventuate in Phoenix processes of renewal. To experience rebirth, you must first shed the elements of the past that inhibit that process. The sun advances to Pisces on the 19th to activate your 7th house of marriage and partnership. You’ll be in the mood for romance, but you are vulnerable. Guard against someone else taking advantage of you or else  taking you for a ride on the 21st-27th. Wake-up calls are seldom gentle.


Aquarius is known as the Zodiac’s wild-card sign. It gives rise to sudden events, rebellion against the status quo, spontaneous meetings, brilliant innovation, and the rugged wish to live true to one’s own soul. This bold sign governs your 5th house. That’s the chart zone tied to romantic love, how you creatively express yourself, and how you interact with children. This month the sun visits Aquarius to promote all of these things.  Meanwhile, one of the year’s most passionate full moons occurs in Leo on the 11th. You will directly tap into your truest feelings. Love Stars Venus and Mars add to the magic as both dance across your marital sector. There they provide you with the best of romantic portents. In short, it’s a great time to fall in love or fall in love again with your significant other.  Unfortunately, clouds of confusion set in once the sun advances to watery Pisces on the 19th. This sign field dilutes logic. That means whatever made sense to you during the first 20 days of the month may suddenly leave you wrestling with contradictions. The process of separating the wheat (truth) from the chaff (fantasy) intensifies from the 21s-27th.  Ultimately, you can neither define another person’s truth nor command it. That comes down to each individual’s own discovery process.


Aquarius, the sign of innovation and unconventionality governs your chart’s 4th house, also known as the domestic sector. The sun’s current visit to Aquarius energizes your home zone. It’s wise to keep in mind that people act in accordance with their personal truth. However, since everyone has their own beat on what that means, domestic unrest or minor power struggles  often express among human egos. Trifles can escalate into real battles from the 21st-27th if love and compassion are trumped by power and control issues. The Zodiac’s love stars, Venus and Mars now cross Aries, the sign that makes all things new in spring. If you’re carting around old baggage it’s the psychological equivalent of referring to an old expired accounting sheet. You have to accept some losses and chalk them off to the human drama. Once the sun advances to Pisces on the 19th, it amplifies empathy and dissolves the boundaries that egos tend to erect. If you can get past self-interest and consider what’s truly best for all parties concerned (especially those with whom you share the most fundamental aspects of life) you’ll witness the miracle of spiritual healing. Close ties then replenish themselves. By month’s end the Muses of music, art, dance, and literary expression call out to you like the legendary sea Sirens. Creative expression enables you to work through the intense emotions that otherwise rise above the dams erected by the rational mind for safety.


February is a strategic month to demonstrate the visionary foresight you’re known for.  Allow your expansive out-of-the box thinking to show! The Aquarian sun illuminates your 3rd house. It’s the chart sector designed for advertising and promotion. That means now’s the time to get the word out on your talent, product, or service. Your ruling planet, Jupiter now crosses Libra where it energizes your 11th house. This chart zone uses group synergy to work the magic of manifestation.  First you must align your interests (and aspirations) with those of like-mind. That synergistic alignment calls in genuine spiritual assistance. Often it brings dreams and desires to fruition. Meanwhile, the Zodiac’s love stars, Venus and Mars dance across your 5th house of romantic love. If you’re solo, it’s a great time to meet someone special. And if you’re already in a relationship, you may discover what made you fall in love with your partner in the first place… and capitalize on that! It’s a great time for activities that nourish and/or celebrate the creative talents of children. The cosmic mood will shift when the sun enters watery Pisces on the 19th. There, it prompts you to take better care of your body and attend more carefully to the details and duties that your work life depends upon. Someone’s willfulness may test what love means to you from the 21st-27th.


February’s Aquarian sun lights up your chart’s 2nd house. It governs money matters, income, and investments. Since Aquarius serves as the Zodiac’s most inventive, cutting edge sign, you likely cut out a unique niche where others miss financial opportunities altogether. Otherwise, you may produce income through unconventional or avant-garde means. Some kind of joint funding venture may head your way when Leo’s full moon triggers your 8th house of joint finance on the 11th. Meanwhile, love Stars Venus and Mars join forces in the fiery sign of Aries. The pair proves quite passionate as they cross your 4th house, the domestic sector. Either you wine and dine someone special at home, or use your home to court business partners. A spirit of inspiration could send you into a redecorating whirl. The cosmic mood shifts when the sun enters Pisces on the 19th to enliven your 3rd house of communications. Unfortunately, several key planets engage in power struggles. Following the as above, so below celestial formula, these tensions filter directly into the lives of the Zodiac’s goats from the 21st-27th. If a family member is out of control, don’t attempt to use force to control or contain them. There are potential dangers close to home and one could come from a relative who’s clearly not balanced. These same planetary alignments otherwise suggest noisy, disruptive home repairs or related improvements.


You’re effervescent to start with. Nonetheless, February represents your power month and your designated time to shine under heaven’s spotlight. So shine on! A full moon takes place in Leo, your marriage sector, on the 11th. Either your mate shows a new side of themselves or you see them in a new light. Love stars Venus and Mars convey great promise as they jointly traverse Aries, the sign of spring. There they help to generate new beginnings. An existing relationship may experience renewal or an evocative new one can start up. Aries governs your 3rd house of everyday encounters, life’s roadways, and those we pass along the way. In other words, love can find you amid your everyday errands and walks of life. The cosmic mood radically alters once the sun advances to watery, diffusive Pisces on the 19th.The sign of the fish sits on your 2nd house of monetary matters, income, and investments. Make sure things ARE what they seem before you sign on any dotted line. Warrior Mars sets up several battle aspects that will likely cause sparks to fly among people. These tensions run highest from the 21st-27th. While you may be comfortable expressing unabashed Truth, someone in your circle may not be. As a result, be prepared when they react with inflammatory defensiveness.


The sun’s February visit to Aquarius energizes your 12th house of rest, retreat, and reflection. You’re meant to indulge in a few weeks of solitude as you prepare for your birthday phase which represents your symbolic new year ahead. Time devoted to communion with the soul can produce direct benefits… including the fruits of inspiration. Currently, the Zodiac’s love stars, Venus and Mars, are dancing across the fiery realm of Aries where they jointly energize your 2nd house of income and financial investments. Artistic, musical, and creative Pisces’ natives will find ways to capitalize on their talents. Venus and Mars prove a highly magnetic combo. That means they can help to draw financial opportunities your way. Some Pisces may decide to rent or purchase apartments with their significant others. The cosmic mood shifts when the sun enters your sign on the 19th to begin your annual process of recharge and renewal. However, Mars will meanwhile battle with Uranus and Pluto from the 21st-27th when inflammatory sparks are likely to fill the air. Conflicts may erupt due to short fuses and spontaneous triggers even though their true causes stem from a deeper history. Use compassion. It’s your sign’s most powerful tool.

Copyright Sioux Rose