Astrological Preview for all Signs for 2017 Horoscope
Author: Sioux Rose

The outer planets, those divinely assigned to exceptionally long orbits influence entire generations and set the themes of human existence into motion. These are timeless stories that flesh is heir to whether defined as myth or otherwise. Within this constellation of factors, the planets and signs personify the purposes that human life embodies to master. They are the archetypes of time, a living curricula wrought into the cosmic clockworks.

 From this panoply the Uranus, the champion of all things novel and intended challenger to the status quo is finishing up its 7-year passage (once every 84 years) across Aries.  From this first Zodiac fire sign, it’s primarily challenged Libras, Cancers, and Capricorns. These are the same four cardinal signs that have stood up to Pluto, the great transformer, since 2008. Following a 248-year orbital trajectory, Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2024. The conflict set between Uranus and Pluto plays off other planetary forces. Jupiter, the planet that is linked with the miracle-making power of faith now travels across Libra, the sign of balance, fairness, diplomacy and unions until it shifts gears (in keeping with its 12 year orbital cycle) once each year this time advancing into Scorpio, the sign kingdom indicative of endings that lead to new beginnings along with the breakdown process that anticipates any rebirth phase.

In other words, the cardinal signs are loaded and where a lot of cosmic action will pivot. The second dynamic is complex because it involves (and most impacts) the Zodiac’s mutable signs. These are the double-symbol signs that represent two forces operating at once. Saturn, the lord of karma and agent of consequences (for our actions and reactions) remains in Sagittarius until the final days of the year. And while crossing the realm of the archer, Saturn periodically contends with the challenges projected its way by Neptune as Neptune meanwhile continues a long passage through its own sign kingdom Pisces after being away from it for 165 years!

Tension moving from Sagittarius to Pisces tests whether people will live by their faith or make practical compromises to it.


Rams born after April 5 start the year wrestling with Uranus, the planet that prompts rebellion to the former status quo and Pluto, the planet of transformation at depth. Entering the ring is Jupiter, typically an augury of better things to come. And Jupiter is making a once in 12 year passage across your 7th house of marriage and partnership.  Relationships should improve and you may gain a concrete improvement in your life circumstances through a partner. Saturn, the Zodiac’s “lord of karma” sends you support from a rare angle of favor; and when Saturn lends assistance individuals typically make progress towards their chief goals. They also tend to get along better with authority figures or may win support from a high placed person. Ruler Mars starts the year in Pisces, which truly fogs up Aries innate “radar.” But Mars enters your sign on January 29 (to remain there until March 10) and when the Zodiac’s fiery engine crosses the chart sector of new beginnings, you’ll have ample fuel to get some new projects and prospects into motion. Mars is known to make war and it falls into conflict with powerful planets on the following dates when you must exercise more caution and self-control (than usual): February 22 and 27-28. July 1-4, and July 16-20.


Most of 2017’s action pivots on the Zodiac’s cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and that means you’re out of the ring. Essentially, this time is ideal for slowing down and reflecting on your life. Uranus, the maverick is finishing up its term in Aries and in 2018 it will touch down in Taurus for its first visit in 84 years! Without dreams, there is no vision; so dare to dream. Pluto, the powerhouse linked to major transformation sends you favor from Capricorn. Assistance streaming in from Pluto favor all sorts of rehab and regeneration projects. You could also work to rejuvenate your own health, and with lucky Jupiter making a once-in-12 year crossing of Libra, constituting your 6th house of health, the right information—applied—can represent prevention (rather than costly cures later). The 6th house also pertains to work and Jupiter will likely send at least one career/professional opportunity your way. Mars operates as the Zodiac’s engine providing fuel for our desired endeavors. Mars will cross through Taurus from March 11-April 21. Some kind of evocative offer heads your way and it may plant the seeds for a larger life change brewing in 2018.


With major planetary challenges aimed at the Zodiac’s cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) you are beneficiary of more benign trends. Uranus is finishing up its term in the pioneering sign of Aries. In a year it will enter Taurus and that will change how you put down roots and what security means to you. Meanwhile, with Uranus in your synergistic 11th house, friends lead you to new worlds or new worlds of understanding. You also meet interesting, possibly unusual people who have unique things to teach you (as in lessons to impart). Jupiter, making its once in 12 year passage through Libra stimulates your chart’s most artistic and romantic sector, the 5th house. You may focus on a personal hobby or feel an old talent calling out to you. Since Saturn, lord of karma, remains in your 7th house of marriage you may feel alone even with your partner, find yourself thinking—like an accountant in assessing the value of the time, or realizing that your status is too solo. Luckily, Jupiter’s presence in your 5th house sends potential suitors your way. Mars gives you the confidence to try something new or put an important project into motion when it crosses Gemini: April 22-June 5, 2017. And it will also heat up your 5th house/love sector from October 23 until December 9! Sometimes the hottest fire burns out fastest.


As one of the Zodiac’s 4 cardinal signs, you’ve been wrestling with tough lessons for the past few years. The reason for the time duration is that the cycles directly challenging you involve planets that move very slowly. They are so important to personal growth (and the evolution of the soul) that the feelings and events triggered by them often change one’s life course or direction. Uranus adheres to an 84 year orbit, and it’s conflicted with your sign (from its position in Aries) since 2010. Cancers born in June felt the first impacts. Currently, intensity is directed at those born from July 5-12. Pluto is part of the cosmic equation that’s bearing down on you, and since its 248-year orbit makes a Pluto passage very rare, it’s also felt quite dynamically. Pluto is mandated to clear away what’s served its time. It governs processes of breakdown and rebuilding, death and rebirth: the proverbial Phoenix rising from its own ashes. And since Pluto has been crossing your chart house of partnership, it’s likely that these effects have made themselves felt through close relationships (or your marriage). Jupiter recently entered Libra to also challenge your sign. However, Jupiter is tasked with inspiring faith and teaching people that much that unfolds in our lives is the product of what we have envisioned. Changing the inner script can alter outer events (although other factors play their roles). You may find yourself feisty (or others difficult to get along with) when Mars crosses Aries: January 29-March 20. You run a high risk for arguments and ego-battles (with others) on February 2, 27-28 and also July 1-4 & July 16-20.


After wrestling with Saturn three years ago, you’re in a cycle where greater support heads your way from 3 of the 5 outer planets. Saturn’s once in 9-year favor from Saturn helps you to actualize goals and deal more effectively with high-placed people. Uranus rare once in 29-year trine helped you to get more in touch with your personal truth. In 2018 Uranus will advance into Taurus where it will set challenges for Leos for a number of years. Meanwhile lucky Jupiter currently crosses your communications sector granting you your best year in 12 to capitalize on more strategic marketing or ways to get the word out on your talent, product, or service. Pluto and Neptune are aligned to form the unique aspect known as The Yod (finger of fate) and it’s aimed at Leos. These outer planets play major roles in the evolution of our souls and The Yod prompts Leos to ask themselves if they are living true to their intended purposes. This is a profound influence. Mars sends minor challenges your way From March 11-April 21. However, this fiery engine of new beginnings crosses your sign from July 21-September 4 to lend you major “go power” and the courage to put something new into motion.


The planetary picture presents something of a mixed bag this year for Virgo. Jupiter, the planet of prosperity just began a once in 12 year passage through your chart’s moneymaking sector. That should bring good news around money or certainly at least one promising economic opportunity. But here’s the snag: and it comes down to balance. Karmic heavyweight Saturn is sending you its hardest angle (the square) or challenge, and Saturn often resorts to delays, losses, and difficulties to drive certain spiritual tests home. If you’re not living by wise priorities, Saturn will enhance the reasons why you should. Pluto has been sending you major support (a once in 82 year event) from Capricorn and continues to do so. Pluto sets processes of regeneration, rejuvenation, renewal, and rebirth into motion. In some key area (or arena) of your life you should be able to identify this process (and blessing) at work. Uranus is finishing up its 7-year passage through Aries and heads to Taurus in 2018 where that planet of invention, innovation, and marching to your own drummer will send you major support. Mars, the warrior, sends minor conflicts (border skirmishes among egos) your way when it crosses Gemini: April 22-June 6. It will lend you the energy needed to set timely projects into motion when it crosses your sign (for its first visit in 2 years) from September 5-October 22.


For several years Libras have had to tango with both Uranus and Pluto, and while those Librans born after October 5 remain challenged, there is a bright new cosmic piece to the puzzle. And it’s Jupiter. The planet that most approximates the teachings in the New Testament is Jupiter, and the principle power it champions is that of faith. When people envision things and align their efforts accordingly, often they reach the prize. So Jupiter now lends you its full power until it advances into Scorpio, your chart’s moneymaking sector on October 11, 2017. Uranus continues its opposition which makes relationships less reliable. What you formerly counted on in a partner (or expected a partner to do) will need to be accomplished by your own devices. Uranus is teaching you greater independence. The square from Pluto represents the end of something, and likely it ties in with a new lifestyle or location. Neptune offers little in the way of clarity from its position in Pisces; but Saturn is sending you support from Sagittarius and Saturn is the planet that favors sound accounting processes. It teaches people the price (in terms of time, commitment, resources) of their ambitions. Mars sends tensions through relationship interactions on January 29-March 10 and June 6-July 20. Beginning a once in 2 year crossing of your sign, Mars lends you the courage needed to put something new into motion from October 23-December 9, 2017.


According to the Zodiac’s lexicon, Saturn and Jupiter serve as the “law and order” planets. With Jupiter now crossing Libra on one side of you and Saturn crossing Sagittarius on the other, you’re sandwiched between the pair. Jupiter encourages waste and sometimes using too much (or spending too much) where Saturn instills conservation through frugality. Consider yourself facing a crash course in the art of balancing these two opposing drives or tendencies. Meanwhile, your own planetary ruler Pluto sends you favor from Capricorn. This powerhouse planet conducts magnetism and it’s lending that asset to your 3rd house of communications, community contacts, and relationships with siblings.  This corner of your life shows promise.  The planet that now proves your greatest ally is Neptune and its functions are very complex. Symbolizing Pisces and therefore 2 fish that swim in opposing directions Neptune has both a high level of expression and a low. The lower inclines towards indulgences in drugs, alcohol, and other escapist behaviors. So if you haven’t mastered yourself (or your darkest impulses) you could prove a candidate to Neptune’s seductions. Those Scorpios who have pursued a greater self-awareness (and spiritual understanding) will be privy to profound spiritual insights  that will come to them through dreams, moments of lucid intuition, and even basic instinct. Still, Mars will send minor conflicts your way from March 11-April 21 and July 21-September 4. Find ways to siphon passion so there’s less for conflict to feed upon (should it break out).


Whatever sign your ruling planet Jupiter travels through colors your outlook and orients your perspective. Making a once in 12 year crossing of Libra, you’re more interested in partnership or your mate’s direct input than you have been in the past. Lord of Karma, Saturn, weighs in by continuing through your sign until Christmas time. Saturn prompts you to master more patience and self-discipline in pursuit of your chief goals. It can cause delays but it ultimately will reward your sincerest efforts. Uranus sends you its prized angle of support (the trine) until next year when it advances onto Taurus. The only planet that’s causing problems is Neptune and it happens to be the trickiest member of the Zodiac. As governor of Pisces, Neptune sends two fish moving in opposing directions. Archers must learn to separate fact from fantasy. To arrive at that discerning point will involve tests and some of these will pivot on projection. That means the weakness you notice in another is really your own. Mars will amplify duality and tensions when it crosses Gemini: April 22-June 5, and it will distort your priorities when it crosses Virgo from September 5-October 22. You may feel a weight lift from your shoulders when Saturn exits just before New Year.


The planet Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the sun and it’s been in your sign since 2008. Pluto represents the force that tears down in order to make space for new expressions. In older Capricorns, health issues may have cropped up that prompt you to seek out the way to restore, renew, or regenerate yourself. You’ve also been wrestling with a harsh angle from maverick Uranus since it began its crossing of Aries back in 2010. Both direct tension at the four cardinal signs and you are one of them. While Jupiter can act as a liberator and is associated with very real benefits, it’s also challenging Capricorns until it advances into Scorpio on October 11, 2017. And at the end of 2017, your own planetary ruler, Saturn, will enter your sign for its first visit in 29 years to begin a 30-month passage.  Saturn is the get serious planet that strips away whatever is superfluous. Like the Zodiac’s very own boot camp sergeant, Saturn compels you to learn more patience and apply your self-discipline. Fortunately, Neptune, the planet of dreams, visions, and compassion is sending you support from its position in Pisces.  There will be other challenges to contend with when Mars clashes with you from January 29-March 1 and when it opposes you from Cancer, from June 6-July 2. You definitely gain strength and learn what you are made of.


You continue to enjoy the favor of 3 of the 5 outer planets for most of 2017. Saturn’s visit to Sagittarius lends you support from the 11th house where friends or work colleagues prove helpful to your plans and the fulfillment of your intentions. Social life circumstances could enhance your career. Uranus, your ruling planet and legendary maverick also proves helpful from its position in Aries where it promotes novel thinking, guides you into evocative conversations, and inspires you to find unique ways to market your talent, product, or service. Uranus will head to Taurus, a far more pragmatic earth sign in 2018 so it’s wise to tap into its creative inspiration this year. Jupiter now crossing Libra energizes your 9th house. It’s the zone that excites an expansion of knowledge, an interest in academic studies, wider travels, and possible interactions with counselors or attorneys. Meanwhile, agent of life’s most profound transformational experiences, Pluto, continues its long crossing of your 12th house. It’s the chart zone that governs the unconscious mind. You’re changing in ways you cannot yet understand. Mars may send minor ego battles your way when it crosses Taurus from March 11-April 21. Relationships take on greater intensity when Mars crosses Leo: July 21-September 4.


It’s not easy for a human being to see clearly through water, but if any sign could do so: it’s Pisces. Neptune is the plane that governs Pisces. It travels a long 165 year orbit and began a 14-year passage across your sign in 2011. Since Neptune represents the mythological god of the oceans, Neptune, it is not known for practicality or down-to-earth assessments or perceptions. Technically, Neptune is the captain of your life ship right now and that means you’re navigating through fog or cloudy waters. Matters grow more complex since Saturn, the Zodiac’s committed pragmatist is challenging you (via the difficult square angle) from its position in Sagittarius. And when Saturn blocks your path (which is currently the case for Pisces), progress seldom happens smoothly or without delays, detours, and possible Plan B applications. On the plus side, you are gaining support from Pluto the planet that fuels transformation. Once Jupiter exits Libra to begin a one-year passage across Scorpio starting on October 12, you’ll gain major support from this giant. It will energize your 9th house of academic studies, foreign travels, legal dealings, and your overall search for meaning (or a greater sense of meaning in your life).  Mars will send minor border skirmishes (among egos) when it crosses Gemini from April 22-June 5 and also when it opposes you from its position in Virgo from September 5-October 22, 2017.\

HAPPY NEW YEAR & May the Stars be With you!

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